Mail Center Solutions

Brynka’s comprehensive Mail Center Solution is designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of mail management tasks. It features package and mail tracking capabilities, Intelligent Lockers, delivery routing, mail runs, multi-carrier desktop shipping, inventory management, as well as print request and job submission solutions

Comprehensive Solution to Manage Mail Items

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Ourline of how Brynka's Mail Center Solutions impact Corporate or Schools and Universities

About Brynka’s Mail Center Solution

Our comprehensive, cloud-based Mail Center Solution brings automation, efficiency, and social distancing to your mail management processes. It boasts an integrated system of Intelligent Lockers, package and mail tracking features, delivery routing, mail runs, and rate shopping among carriers for the best shipping costs. Users can even charge these costs directly to a credit card.

Recipients can choose how to receive their packages.

  • Deliver Normally
  • Deliver to Mailstop
  • Deliver to Locker
  • Ship to Home
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Brynka Mail Center Solution includes extended capability with mobile app featuring woman using mobile device

Extended Capabilities

The platform’s capabilities extend to mobile with the Brynka app, which enables package receipt and delivery, signature capture, mail runs, and package verification. The app syncs and stores data securely, even without an internet connection, providing users with uninterrupted service. Brynka’s scalable architecture supports Intelligent Lockers and includes add-ons for asset, ticket, and inventory management. This allows for a high degree of customization to cater to varying tracking needs, all while enabling package deliveries to be monitored from any computer.

Manage all accountable package and mail items.

  • Complete chain of custody
  • Locker pickup with PIN #/mobile devices
  • Reduce mail footprint
  • Rate shop for best carrier ratres

Why Choose Brynka?

Our powerful tools offer a unified customer experience that brings simplicity, scalability, and core management with the best deployable solution for mail centers.