Facility Management

Our solutions are designed specifically for Facility Managers. We provide pivotal automation tools that streamline your package and mail intake and delivery processes. Brynka is committed to transforming your facility management procedures, ensuring efficiency and reliability in all your mailroom operations.

Brynka can integrate with many locker vendors. Our solution will provide you with the best solution for your budget and needs. If you already have an Intelligent Locker system, Brynka can integrate our software solution to enhance your workflow.

Package and Mail Receiving

It starts with our fully customizable cloud-based software.

  • Anytime/Anywhere access
  • Chain of Custody
  • Dashboard Metrics
  • Recipient Notifications
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Management/Ad-Hoc Reporting
  • USPS Delivery Partner Program
  • Desktop and Mobile devices supported
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Intelligent Lockers

Reduce Mail Room clutter with Intelligent Lockers. Email/Text notifications for easy package retrieval.

  • Alleviate package clutter
  • Save time/money by simplifying package handling
  • Locker Branding
  • Customizable locker sizes
  • Scalable for future package growth
  • 24/7LiveVideoSurveillance
  • Vandal proof, virtually maintenance free
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Multi-Carrier Desktop Shipping

With our fully hosted Multi-Carrier rate shopping tool, you can save time and costs by shopping for the best rates.

  • Control Shipping Costs
  • Carrier Compliant
  • Reduce User Errors
  • Validate Cost Centers
  • Charge to Credit Cards
  • Enterprise management
  • Management reports
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Delivery Routing

Give recipients the power to device what to do with their packages and mail.

  • Streamline mail delivery for ease and efficiency
  • Minimize staff deliveries
  • Ensure accountable mail tracking
  • Dashboards show essential mail and package metrics
  • Utilize existing hardware for mail and package delivery
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Print Center Solutions

Manage Print Centers easy and efficiently, with a whole new way of improving quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Simple user sign-on with real-time authentication
  • Intuitive file uploads for printing from multiple devices
  • One-step catalog ordering of most items
  • Set print options with one click
  • Job status available at any time via web and email updates
  • Improve customer satisfaction with interactivity
  • WCAG 2.0/508, ADA Compliance
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Inventory Management

A customizable cloud-based inventory management system.

  • Manage inventory centrally
  • Completely customizable cloud solution
  • Configurable processes and screens
  • Setup re-order quantities
  • Set item minimums/maximums
  • Check-in/Check-out items
  • Export searches
  • Item re-order report
  • Anytime/anywhere access
  • Data security from a primere hosting facility, Rackspace
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Mail Run Tracking

Track performance levels for mail deliveries.

  • Create Stations and Stops by location
  • Add days and times for active deliveries
  • Add Stops on the fly
  • View Stop times
  • Record items being picked up and delivered
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Key Metrics to Clients

Our solutions will provide you with KPI data to manage the Mail Center and provide key metrics to your clients.

  • Dashboards
  • Ad-hoc Reporting
  • Management Reports
  • Exportable Data
  • Performance Tracking
  • Cost Savings Reporting
  • SLA Measuring

Why Choose Brynka?

Our powerful tools offer a unified customer experience that brings simplicity, scalability, and core management with the best deployable solution for mail centers.