Brynka Shipping Advantages

Dedicated to highlighting the unique benefits and efficiencies brought about by Brynka’s shipping solutions. Discover how our tools can enhance your shipping operations, streamline processes, and enable cost-effective decisions.

Mobile Devices

Brynka solutions are mobile ready! With responsive design, our websites can scale up or down to the device screen you are using. Ship anywhere, from home or office on any device. Scalable and convenient, Brynka works wherever you need it.

Address Books

Brynka provides 2 address books to make shipping easier. A Global address book which will have addresses available to all shippers. A personal address book tied to each user, only viewable to them. Users can easily add addresses to their personal address book, or copy from the global address book. Validate addresses with our verify address tool to ensure address compliancy and determine residential or commercial addresses.

Shipping Requests

Control who can create a Shipping Label. With Ship Requests, users will create all the shipping data for their shipment, and produce a paper form to attach to their packages. The Mail Center will simply scan the barcode on the form, filling in all the data from the shipper and can now add the correct weight and dimensions or any missed data and perform the rate shop. They can produce the shipping label and stage for carrier pickup.


Our powerful history screen allows the Mail Center to search for shipments. Tracking numbers are linked to the carrier website, so you can see the shipment routing. With our advanced history view, create Ad-Hoc reports that can be saved and exported, putting the power of your data in your hands.

Credit Card Processing

Want to extend your company rates to your employees, but charge their credit card for the shipments? We have you covered! With Brynka, easily record credit card payments for personal shipments powered by Stripe.


With Sender and Recipient notifications, provide emails that notify when a package is created to the final delivery. Keep your customers in the loop without lifting a finger!


Brynka provides a number of management reports to help you. Carrier and service totals, cost center chargebacks, potential savings and manifests. Powerful reporting will give you the data to determine where you can save on shipping costs and assist with negotiating carrier contracts.

Rate Shopping

With rate shopping, take the guess work out of finding the best rate for you package destinations. Simply inout the date you want your package to be delivered and we will take care of the rest. Supports user selection or On Demand shipping where the software will automatically pick the right choice.

Multi-Carrier Shipping

Process outbound shipments from a single screen. Supports UPS, FEX, USPS, DHL and custom carriers. Highly intuitive, we take care of all of your shipping needs- address validation, 3rd party shipping, international, and batch address processing.