Brynka Receiving Advantages

Explore the numerous benefits of Brynka’s Receiving. This collection of videos provides a comprehensive understanding of how our receiving tools can optimize your operations, streamline workflows, and enhance accountability.

First Class Mail

Deliver mail items individually or bundle them with package pickups, to ensure that all items have been delivered. Assign Mail to Folders at time of receipt. When Mail is delivered, that folder is available for another recipient. This method provides the best cost and minimal footprint. We can also support assigning the folders to each recipient to mimic traditional mail boxes.

Intelligent Lockers

Our solutions can integrate with various intelligent locker systems. With contactless delivery, packages are delivered to a secure locker and recipients can retrieve them at their convenience by pin code entry, scanning a QR code or utilizing a mobile app. Brynka Receiving can add a workflow for oversized or over-flow packages that won’t fit into a locker system.


Brynka solutions are mobile ready! With responsive design, our websites can scale up or down to the device screen you are using. We also offer off-line mobile apps to allow your clerks to continue working without an internet connection and sync when it is available. Scalable and convenient, Brynka works wherever you need it.


Our powerful history screen allows the Mail Center to search for packages and provide chain of custody with proof of delivery. With our advanced history view, create Ad-Hoc reports that can be saved and exported, putting the power of your data in your hands.

Delivery Routing

With a paradigm shift to Social Distancing, let your users tell you how they want to receive their packages. With options like Deliver Normally, Deliver No Signature, Deliver to Mail Stop, Hold my Package, Return to Sender or Deliver to Home, we will provide the delivery choices recipients are comfortable with.


Brynka allows you to create email/text notifications to alert recipients when packages are received, attempted, delivered or any package event. We provide a rich email editor so you can create emails or modify existing ones at any time.

Multiples and Pouching

Brynka can handle multiple packages in 2 ways. If you process interoffice mail/packages, you can easily record the same tracking number and assign those items to different recipients for complete proof of delivery. You can also Bundle packages together for a single recipient or department and only scan one delivery barcode for all bundled items.


Record tracking numbers and Senders, then assign them to recipients. With our Clerk history view, you can monitor which packages have already been scanned and can quickly edit or delete records. Print custom internal labels for package routing and control when email notifications are sent.


Verify carrier packages when they are first dropped off to your Mail Center. Brynka Verify will quickly count the total to ensure you have received all packages from UPS, FEX, USPS, or custom carriers.