Did you know you have many options when it comes to turning your Intelligent Lockers into a beautiful piece of marketing for your campus or company? Locker colors can run the gamut. While neutrals are the most popular colors ordered, they come in any array of bold colors too. There may be an additional fee for non-standard colors, and this can vary depending on the manufacturer so always be sure to check with the locker company you are working with.

In addition to adding color to the lockers themselves, you can brand them with printed decals choosing between permanent decals and repositionable removable ones. Most locker companies offer this as a service but many campuses with onsite printshops decide to save money and print and apply their own. Decals can range from covering the entire locker on all sides to die cut ones that only cover a portion of the locker. Both looks can be equally as beautiful depending on the graphics chosen. Some locker companies will even work with your team to design something great with no extra charge so be sure to ask if that is a free service they offer.

Our Lockers “Did You Know” Series

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