Did you know not all locker pricing is created equal? Intelligent Lockers can be purchased upfront, leased, or in some cases set up as a pay per usage agreement. In the case of a purchase of intelligent lockers, you will receive one price to pay the first year known as your purchase price. Thereafter, intelligent lockers require an annual or monthly fee to keep them operational. This fee is paying for the software or intelligence running them and the maintenance on the lockers. Be sure to ask if your maintenance contract is all inclusive and includes preventive maintenance to make sure there are no surprises or hidden costs you are not aware of after the installation.

When leasing lockers it is important to understand 3 things.

  1. Term of the lease: This is how long you are agreeing to pay the monthly amount. The longer the lease term, the lower the monthly payment will be.
  2. What type of leasing options are there? Is it a $1 buyout lease or an FMV (Fair Market Value) lease? At the end of a buyout lease, you own the intelligent lockers for $1. At the end of a FMV lease, in order to own the lockers you need to pay the fair market value of them. Be aware that even if you are signing a FMV lease and you do not want to own the lockers at the end there is still always a buyout amount to get out of the lease.
  3. All intelligent lockers require an annual or monthly maintenance fee: After your lease is over, this is a cost so you factor in if you plan on keep your locker solution operational.

The final consideration is a pay per usage locker agreement. These are the newest of the three options available and vary greatly depending on the company you are working with. These options allow the recipient to pay a fee every time they retrieve an item from the locker. The price of the fee per transaction can vary greatly depending on the volume of items being retrieved each day. This type of pricing structure can substantially lower the cost of the lockers to the organization however you would need to be in a position to pass these costs on to your recipients.

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