Brynka Intelligent
Locker System™

Brynka Smart Lockers

Lockers with Smarts

Brynka Intelligent Locker System utilizes cloud-based technology to deliver and receive packages - an experience that is easy, economical and secure.


With the Brynka Intelligent Locker system, receive packages and deliver into an electronic locker. Notifications are sent to the recipients with a special unlock code via text or email, to pick up their items at their convenience.

Brynka Tracking.

Once picked up, BrynkaTrak is updated with the delivery information and signature. Browse package history, export proof of delivery, create data exports with our ad-hoc reporting tool and measure mail center performance with our management report

Vandal proof, virtually maintenance free

Rugged lockers that will prevent unauthorized access, Brynka Lockers will ensure the security of your packages. Our online surveillance system provides a real-time view of the lockers, along with cloud recording of all activities.

24 Hour Acess

24/7 access to your packages means you never have to wait on the mail center to open.

How does it work?

How locker system works

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Brynka Tracking
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