Cloud Based Package
Tracking Software

• Chain of Custody

• Dashboard Metrics

• Recipient Notifications

• Enterprise Management

• Proof of Delivery

• Management reports


Mobile Design

With an iPhone or iPod Touch you can use our native brynka app to: Receive Packages, Deliver Packages with a Signature, Perform Mailruns and Verify Packages. Our app will sync all the data you need. And when there is no internet connection, the brynka app will store the information until you do! With an iPad, you can simply navigate to your custom brynka web page and perform many of the functions you do on a traditional workstation all through a touch interface!


Receive incoming accountable mail, packages, and internal deliveries

USPS DCR: Last Mile Tracking

Completely customizable cloud solution, configurable processes, screens, and labels

Anytime/Anywhere access - available to flex Office and work from Home Personnel

Reduce IT resources dramatically - no servers or software to manage or backup!

Scalable- days as opposed to months for roll-outs

Ad-Hoc reporting - Create your own exportable reports

No worries, your data is secure in the world's premiere hosting facility, Rackspace

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Rugged PDA

No matter your environment, Brynka has the hardware solution for you. With our ruggedized PDA’s, you can Receive Packages, Deliver Packages with a Signature, Perform Mailruns and Verify Packages with a device that can withstand extreme usage like drops on concrete.

Mail Center

The Brynka Webportal is a one stop shop for your Mail Center needs. With our core group of applications, we can enhance your Mail Center with Receiving packages, Mulit-Carrier shipping with rate shopping, and track Inventory or Assets. We make it easy to monitor the performance of your Mail Center with Dashboards and Metrics Reporting.

Delivery Confirmation

USPS intergration allows for accurate package tracking.

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