Powerful Shipping in an easy to use interface

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• Control Shipping Costs
• Reduce User Errors
• Validate Cost Centers
• Enterprise management
• Carrier Tracking
• Management reports

Multi-Carrier Compliance

Maintain an enterprise wide history of data with all shipments for easy tracking and analysis Brynka supports all major carriers like UPS, Fedex, USPS, DHL around the world, as well as the ability to add custom carriers with rates.

Rate Shop Cost Comparsion

To get the best carrier rates and services, you need to shop around. With BRYNKA Desktop Shipping, users can quickly compare rates for shipments in an easy to use rate grid and make an informed decision based on every carrier available.

Address Correction

Improves the deliverability of packages by providing accurate address information and reduce expenses by eliminating costs often associated with carrier address correction fees or services.

Centralized Software Solution

Centralized data allows management of information to automate the shipping process and properly monitor shipping activity, analyze costs, and identify future trends.

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