Making the Best of your online webinars

by Jennifer Young

Posted on May 21, 2016 at 5:00 AM

Video Conference call

In this day and age, webinars have become commonplace in many sales processes. They're a great way to share your product and services with your prospective clients worldwide without having to hop on a plane. Even though these are commonplace, not all webinars are created equally. Let’s look at 5 tips to make the best of your online webinars.

First, make sure the person conducting the webinar has a Great Voice. Choose someone who is clear and understandable. Make sure the person is capable of slowing down

This brings us to our second tip: Slow Down! This is tremendously important in a webinar to avoid interrupting. When you pause to breathe, that will give the person on the other end the opportunity to ask a question. If your pauses are quick, you both end up talking at the same time. Also, take time to slow down and frequently ask if your prospect has any questions. If they sense that you'll do this often, they won’t feel the need to interject a question when you pause.

The third thing that will improve your webinars is to Listen. This involves more than listening when your prospect is talking. Listen for background noise that might indicate your prospect has diverted their attention from your presentation. If you believe this is the case, ask if they need to take a break for a moment. Also, listen for sighs or whispers. This can alert you that maybe the team who is gathered to watch your demo is unhappy about something you’ve said, they have a question, or are impressed with something. Whatever the reason, if you hear whispering, acknowledge it by asking “Does anyone have a question about something?” That will give your prospect the opportunity to let you in on they're thoughts.

Remember there is nothing worse than a boring webinar. To prevent boredom, make sure to Engage them. How do you accomplish this? Ask lots of questions throughout your demo. A webinar gives you the opportunity to share what you have to offer but also the chance to find out more about your prospect and their needs. When you do ask questions, wait and listen to the entire response without interrupting your prospect. Asking well-chosen questions will make the person on the other end feel a part of the demo.

Lastly, the best webinars make use of Technology. Tackle your fear of using your webcam in the beginning and/or throughout your webinar. Everyone loves to have a face to go with a name. Just remember to look right into the camera when talking to avoid looking like you have shifty eyes. Another great tip is to have a green screen behind you with software that can allow you to change your background.

So remember, use your Great Voice, Slow Down, Listen, Engage and make use of Technology to make the best of your online webinars.

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