Did you know determining the number of lockers needed for your mail center depends upon how you plan to use them? There are a few important questions to consider.

  • Will your recipients have around-the-clock access to the lockers to retrieve their packages? This approach is recommended. Having locker hours extend past the normal mail center hours encourages recipients to pick up their packages when it is convenient for them — many times in the evening. This enables the mail center staff to begin their work day the following morning with more available lockers at their disposal.
  • How many packages/mail/items do you receive for the same recipient each day? Some intelligent lockers allow you to add multiple items for the same recipient to the same locker. This saves valuable locker space! Be sure to ask the locker company you are working with if they offer this feature.
  • How well do you know your volume numbers? Knowing the average number of items your mail center receives daily and/or your daily peak volume is critical. These figures, in conjunction with the number of lockers, will impact the frequency in which your staff will be reloading items throughout the day during peak times.

The answers to these questions above will provide your locker vendor all of the information needed to make a sound estimate as to the number of locker doors they would recommend.

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